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Our Safe Black Sis Program is back! 

The Safe Black Sis™ program fuses movement with personal safety education to increase the wellness of young, Black females.

The 2024 Cohort 1 begins May 25, 2024.  

    End Interpersonal Violence.

    Cupid's Sting is an interpersonal violence reduction program which teaches women life saving skills to reduce their victimization.  

    Interested in a self-defense course, a women's safety class, or workshop on healthy relationships? Use the Classes link above to sign-up.

    The mission of Cupid's Sting is to give women the tools to take ownership of their personal safety to prevent victimization.

    Let's work together to stamp out interpersonal violence.  We are always looking for support and new people and groups to collaborate with.  Drop us a line at or call us at (437) 450-9550

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