First Thursdays is a monthly women-centric self-defense class.  The class features tools participants can apply to their every day life such as situational awareness.  Connect with like-minded women as we work to build a safer community. The next class is Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 6:30 pm at SWBID 420 4th Street SW, Washington, DC. 

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Cupid's Sting was started by Washington, D.C. Criminologist Dr. L.J. Samuel in 2015 after seeing an escalation in violence against women- often at the hands of a significant other.  Gruesome stories of women being set on fire by their husbands or boyfriends shooting the mother of their children was too much to take and she could no longer stand by.  She started Cupid's Sting as a proactive measure and provides workshops on dating abuse, interpersonal violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and street harassment, and self-defense classes.  


T: (202) 681-4485


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