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Cupid's Sting offers several resources which include Facts Sheets and Educational Videos.

Check out the resources below and for full-length videos, check out our YouTube page.

GBV Community Engagement Session

The experiences that Black women who live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have with gender-based violence and intimate partner violence and interactions with the police.

Domestic Violence Warnings, Solutions & Resources

Domestic violence is a complex issue. It can be extremely difficult to get out of an abusive situation. Here are some useful resources. 

Teen Dating Violence

The signs, statistics, and rights you have in a relationship. Resources and tips if you find yourself getting angry. 

Domestic Violence Against Women with Disabilities

Girls and women with disabilities may avoid reporting instances of abuse to avoid discriminatory action.

DV in Peel Region

Love is not supposed to hurt. No one has the right to put their hands on you.

Domestic Violence in the Caribbean

As a Black, West Indian woman, Dr. Samuel, the Founder and Executive Director of Cupid’s Sting, is vitally aware of the global impact of domestic violence on black women across the Diaspora.  

Safe Black Sis 

Self-defense can be used to disrupt violence against women and girls and prevent potential victimization. With empowerment and encouragement, young Black women will gain the confidence they need to respond to danger in their communities and their homes.

Women's Safety

Coming soon!

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